05 November 2009

Teresa Teng

In the 1980s, Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng's (Deng Lijun)songs were officially banned in China, but countless pirate cassettes were circulated. The saying went around that Deng Xiaoping ruled China by day, but Deng Lijun ruled by night. It seems that not much has changed. Apple Daily had a recent report on an internet poll asking which cultural icon has had the greatest influence on China since since 1949. 24 million voted and Teresa won with 8.5 million votes. Next came Faye Wong with 7.5 million, and in third place Jay Chou.

Teresa Teng sang in Mandarin and Cantonese, but also recorded songs in English, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian and Vietnamese. The image is from a CD reissue of a selection of English and Japanese songs that originally came out in 1976.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the write up. I'm a life long fan of Teresa Teng, but I have never heard of her recorded any songs in Vietnamese other then the one you metioned. Did I miss out on that?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can post this album in mp3's or something? I can't find much music by her anywhere. Only videos. Thanks!