27 February 2010

Crazy Lion

They maybe the only reggae band in Hong Kong! Later, they will share with us about their music and lyrics. Stay tuned!

19 February 2010

Tacit Closet

A great new band who I'd really like to see play live, Tacit Closet were interviewed this month in BC Magazine. Jacky, the singer and guitarist, was asked why he writes and sings lyrics in English. As we have a professional interest, here is his answer.

"Actually, I'm not a very good English speaker, I'm not raised in any kind of background with English or anything. I never even knew any foreigners before university. But I listened to a lot of English music and so when I wrote lyrics all those phrases and sentences started to come to my mind in English. Also I find writing in Cantonese quite difficult; the tones in Cantonese are quite hard to rhyme whereas in English you can twist a word phonetically to easily match it with the sound of another so it's easier in that sense."

Back to the music, there are six excellent songs on their MySpace page. Not far off an album. Make it, guys, and I will buy! While I've been typing this I listened to Sleep is the enemy twice - really cool guitar break!

08 February 2010

The Lee's - Smoking on the Shoulders of Giant

This, I believe, is wing, one half of stealstealground, who made the amazing Bad Waves of Paranoia, sung by his sister pennylane (still up there on their MySpace page). You can also hear Smoking on the Shoulders of Giants, or something like it, on track 13 of My Little Airport's We Can't Stop Smoking In The Vicious And Blue Summer, which makes MLA the giants, right? Seems like at that point, The Lee's hadn't decided on the lyrics yet, but it's not that easy to tell because MLA are rambling on over the top of it. It doesn't get more indie than this! Is there more to come?

06 February 2010

Jacky Cheung - Everyday is Christmas

Jacky Cheung's English track from his Private Corner album, which came out on January 29th. For once I am not a year out of date! It is a jazz album with songs by Roxanne Seeman, including Everyday is Christmas. A bit early for Christmas, but then every day is Christmas with Jacky, right? A cool track with a little Hong Kong English in the title - 'everyday'?