27 December 2008

Popsicles in Paris

A while back I blogged about a 1951 Coca Cola ad that used an image of globalization. Now here's a song about globalization from 1964. The little I can find out about Popsicles in Paris is that it was written by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick for the show To Broadway With Love. I came across it as a version by the excellent J's With Jamie, posted on the WFMU blog. Since the song doesn't show up on allmusic.com, that may have been one of very few recordings made. I have transcribed the lyrics myself, which was fun except for one annoyingly difficult to catch word at the end of the 'Strudel in Seattle...' line.

Popsicles in Paris, shish kebab in Shanghai
Sweet potato pie in Rome
Crackerjack in Cairo, curry in Caracas
Alka-Seltzer back at home

The other night I took a flight and had me a ball
Flying high and low
Around the world I found the world like man is it small
Smaller than we know

Strudel in Seattle, jello in [Vermichi??]
That's the way the world is now
What about tomorrow? Which way will it go?
Smaller, smaller until 'Wow!'


Alice said...

I think...but not sure
jello in Momence

Stuart said...

I was in "To Broadway with Love" but sorry, can't supply that one word. Kudos to you for finding this song. It was the finale of the whole show, which was an amazing spectacle, but in a fair where most everything was free, people weren't willing to pay to get in, so the show flopped.
Best wishes,
Stuart Hodes

Aaron Arnold said...

I think it's "Jello in Bemidji."

As in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Arnold is correct, It's definitely "Jello in Bemidji" Bemidji Minnesota. M. Currie