12 October 2008

First celebrity brand...

This is Alice blogging...
Last time, it was mentioned that I found some bilingual advertisements from the 1920s...here is the proof.

This is a print ad in 'An illustrated family magazine' from 1929 Hong Kong.

'Watch Mei Lan Fong opera, please smoke Mei Lan Fong cigarette'

Mei Lan Fong 梅蘭芳 (1894-1961) was possibly the most famous Peking Opera star ever. He was so famous that he actually got his own cigarette brand! This may well be the first celebrity brand. I found this ad fascinating. The packaging was in English and the picture shows Mei Lan Fong in his stage costume. The picture was not just another beautiful lady, it was Mei in full costume: the decorative headpiece, the period costume and also the stage setting. Mei was even shown with his artistic feminine gesture.


Sou said...

Mr Benson:

Sorry for my bother. I am a HK Literature resecher. I want to ask about this 'An illustrated family magazine' in 4 yrs ago. Where did you have this napshot for Mei Lan Fong advertisment? and did you own that magazine for collection? It is a essential imformation to find this magazine, for all guys who research in HK Lit.

best wishes,
Matt Lee

Sou said...

P.S. and my email is cheukyin@ied.edu.hk. We can make contact through email. Sorry for my poor English :)